Knowledge Management 2.0


This blog is created to review all of the new trends which is already happened or going to happen around the web about the concept of Knowledge Management. The version 2.0 (which is badly written on the blog domin as 20) is to highlight the use of new concepts & few technologies highlighted on the new trend of the web called Web 2.0. However, we are not going to be limited to Web 2.0 trend & there will be also analysis of upcoming generation of the technologies such Semantic (which already exist but in development).

The concep of Knowledge Management, although is being thought by some as something that is pretty well-defined is not defined well at all (Here is a lengthy article on the Wikipedia about it). The first term in the phrase is still not perfectly define that what is Knowledge.

There are number of resources already on the web which try to explain the concept of knowledge management which below I have listed some of them:
A) The Nonesense of Knowledge Management
B) A good source of articles from a magazine like publisher
C) HP’s take on the topic
D) A good blog by an expert
E) A good source of info

Here is also a good slideshow highlighting the transition from the Knowledge Management 1.0 to 2.0:

Although this seems to be a very important concept, I wonder why there is not such a strong service on the web to address this very important need of many people for growth appropriately.


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